FSX Planner This application is given away freely to the community. As such there is no support, via email, phone or otherwise.
FSX Planner
FSX Planner is a full featured graphical editing tool intended to allow its users to easily modify all aspects of an airport for use within Microsoft's Flight Simulator X, both visible and invisible. The visible parts of an airport that can be modified include everything from the runways and taxiways to the taxiway signs and windsocks and scenery objects, as well as everything in between. The unseen parts of an airport that can be modified include everything from the airport services and fuel triggers to the communication frequencies and navigation information.

Note that as FSX Planner is freeware it does not come with any support. The pages here are intended to help the user in learning the software and the basics of airport design within the FSX framework.


  • All displays updated in real time
  • Runways (supports all markings, lights and navigation aids)
  • Taxiways and Taxiway Nodes (displays all ILS markings)
  • Edit Taxiway Names
  • Taxiway Signs (with unique taxiway sign wizard)

  • Tower Viewpoint & Scenery Objects
  • Parking Spots
  • Vehicle parking spots and paths
  • Start Locations
  • Helipads
  • Scenery Objects
  • Fuel Triggers

  • Flight Simulator X Integration
  • Connects to FSX on either local or remote machines
  • Displays the exact plane or helicopter from FSX within FSX Planner so you can see the scale and heading.
  • Place the mouse exactly where the plane is in FSX
  • Place the plane in FSX exactly where the mouse is.
  • Make the plane in FSX auto follow the mouse.
  • Make the mouse auto follow the plane in FSX.

  • Communication Frequencies
  • Approaches (Main Approach, Approach and Missed Approach Legs, Transitions)
  • Navaids (VOR, NDB, ILS, DMEs, Glide Slopes, Markers, Windsocks)
  • Realistic Nightime Lighting Display
  • Edit Airport Services

  • Apron Polygons
  • Apron Edge Lights
  • Moving Jetways
  • Boundary Fences
  • Blast Fences
  • Background Images

  • Exclusion Rectangles
  • Specify Exactly What Objects Should Be Written And Replaced
  • Airport Reference Point

  • Error Checking
  • Airport Clean Up Options

  • Download FSX Planner for free
    How To Guides
    Creating Background Images